How to delete Loveeto account permanently

Looking for someone to go on a date with, I signed up on, but quickly realised that this social network is definitely not what I need. So, I decided to deactivate my Loveeto account. And given that many users just as sooner or later decide to leave this social network, I want to tell you how remove your Loveeto account.

Now let me show you how to delete your Loveeto account permanently.

How to deactivate Loveeto account

You can deactivate your Loveeto account in a few easy steps:

  • First open your Loveeto profile settings. Just click on the arrow icon next to your avatar pic and select ‘Settings’;
  • Then switch to ‘Account’ settings and click on “Deactivate account’ link;
How to delete (remove) your Loveeto account permanently
  • Next select the reason for account deletion. For example, I indicated that I had already found my love on this site. Dont forget to click ‘Continue’;
  • Finally enter your password and click ‘Delete’;
  • Your profile will be deactivated.

As I said Loveeto will deactivate your account and you can restore profile. All your profile info will be stored on the Loveeto servers for some time. So, in fact Loveeto doesn’t allow to delete your account instantly and permanently.

Ah, one more important thing: if you have premium (vip) profile, then open the Subscriptions’ section of ‘Settings’ first and turn off auto-renewal for your subscription before deleting your account.

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