How to send your name to Mars on NASA’s future mission

Hey, Bro! Is there a way to send your name to Mars if you don’t work for NASA (And if Elon Musk is not your buddy)? In fact, NASA offers everyone the opportunity to send their name to Mars, where a mission will be sent in 2026, not only to conduct experiments, but also to lay a capsule with information from our planet. So you can put your name on the NASA website and send it to mars in 2026. And I will show you how to do it.

Send your name to Mars in 3 steps

Is NASA actually sending names to Mars? Yes, and as I said you can join the mission. All it takes is to follow 3 steps:

  1. First, go to;
  2. Second, enter your first and last name, select location. Then enter your postal code and a valid e-mail;
  3. You can subscribe to NASA’s newsletter, but this is optional. Finally, just click on ‘Send ny name to Mars’.
How to send your name to Mars on NASA's future mission

After that, you will receive a ticket for a flight to Mars, which you can print, download or send to your mail. The boarding pass lists the point of departure and landing on Mars (Cape Canaveral on Earth and Jezero Crater on Mars), as well as the distance you will cover in the space between the planets: 1.7 billion kilometers.

How much money does it cost to send your name to Mars? In fact, NASA doesn’t charge money for it, so you can send your name to Mars absolutely free.

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